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Research shows that bacteria present in soil & dust invades a vehicle through animals or passengers’ shoes then multiplies rapidly, especially during the warmer months.

Is your child at risk?

Daycares Breed Germs

Children at daycare are up to 3 times more likely to contract infections than children of the same age who stay at home

Babies & young children are often more vulnerable to infections as daycare environments are especially conducive to the spread of germs

Daycare illness transmission rates are heightened due to close contact & the prevalence of saliva, feces, & other bodily fluids on surfaces

Neither soap & water or sanitizers & disinfectants provide any on-going protection to cleaned surfaces as they stop working the moment they dry

Precision Hygienics - Facilities

Getting rid of molds & germs now can help you & your family avoid health problems in the future.

Prevent & Protect

Effective on:

  • Molds
  • Mildew
  • Algae
  • Neutralizing Odours

Germ Prevention System

Globally registered the AEGIS AEM 5700 is the most commonly used antimicrobial in the world. From socks to medical equipment, the AEGIS AEM 5700 has been used in a wide range of industries and on a broad and diverse set of materials. In each application the general concept is the same: provide long lasting antimicrobial protection.

The AEGIS AEM 5700 is the only Health Canada registered, bonding, antimicrobial surface treatment approved for commercial applications.

Safety of the AEGIS AEM 5700
Prevent & Protect

Combined with proper disinfection, AEGIS surface protection creates clean and safe environments.

It can protect treated surfaces from 99.9 % of germs on contact with its unique mode of action. The shield is unique in that it alone remains on guard to Control and Prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms between traditional cleaning and disinfection practices.

Permanent Antimicrobial Surface Treatment

  • Creates permanent bond to virtually any substrate
  • Compatible with virtually all substrates, including natural and synthetic fibers
  • Does not create an environment that promotes adaptive microorganisms
  • No arsenic, tin, heavy metals, or polychlorinated phenols
  • Accepted, registered, & readily available worldwide
  • Non-leaching, does not rub off or migrate onto skin
  • A new layer in creating safe environments

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